Black-ish Review

ABC Wednesdays at 9:30pm/8:30c

Starring: Anthony Anderson, Laurence Fishburne, Tracee Ellis Ross

Black-ish stars comedy king Anthony Anderson and Morpheus himself Laurence Fishburne who combine forces to bring this fresh new take on the black sitcom. It’s as funny as it is insightful, sparking laughs and debate on such issues as whether or not to spank your child to finding common ground with your mother-in-law. Black-ish gives me hope for the black sitcom because it is family oriented and laugh out loud funny. Sure it’s a tad cliché at times but what sitcom isn’t in the beginning.

blackish2With time Anderson and Fishburne will be able to really show us what they got as far as their comedic chops is concerned. My only fear for Black-ish is that it’s predictable conservative borderline liberal antics (ie: the joke about stretching and yoga being “gay”) might get it prematurely axed before it’s had the chance to delve into issues that modern day black American families face.

I’m glad to see Tracee Ellis Ross, daughter of the incomparable Diana Ross and star of the black girl’s answer to Sex and the City: The CW’s Girlfriends, getting work after Let’s Stay Together failed to grasp the attention of a BET audience. Ross is talented in her ability to fearlessly go toe to toe with Anderson while delivering that BFF charm that made her so relatable on Girlfriends. I’m concerned with the timeslot Black-ish currently holds, 9:30 on a weekday seems a little late for a family sitcom.

(This article was originally published on The Feed on February 16, 2015)


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