How Meryl Streep Helped Me Discover My Life’s Calling 

The other day, during an especially hot summer evening I found myself taking an exam for my AP American Government class which is all about court cases and such. And for the life of me I couldn’t remember what Plessy v Ferguson was about. I’ve obviously heard of the case before but the specifics had escaped me and I couldn’t bring my brain to try.

After the exam I went to Wikipedia (don’t lie you use it too) to verify whether or not my education guesses had brought me one step closer to an A. They hadn’t. I was off, actually if I remember correctly I was way off.

The thing about it is, I didn’t give a rat’s ass. Why? Because in fact, I don’t give a rat’s ass about court cases. Yes yes, it is my civic duty as an American citizen to give a rat’s ass, but I don’t. And that is perfectly fine. Why? Because that day I asked myself how many court cases I actually remembered and I listed off Roe vs Wade, Brown vs the Board of Education and Kramer vs Kramer.

Wait Kramer vs Kramer wasn’t a real case!! That’s a critically acclaimed film starring Meryl Streep and Dustin Hoffman. A film of which is on at least a dozen ‘Best Film’ or ‘Best Performance’ lists. The film that propelled the amazingly talented Meryl Streep into the most coveted territory of being named among some of Hollywood’s greats such as Marlon Brando and Joan Crawford. As amazing as the film was, it is not a real life court case.

But I realized something that day: you remember the things you actually care about and I care about movies. I care about movies so much it’s the first thing I ask a guy whenever we’re on a first date. I’ll ask him something like “what are your top three favorite movies?” And if any of his answers include something with Leonardo Dicaproo, Tom Hanks or Roberto Deniro, chances are he’s getting a first date goodnight kiss.

Anyone who knows me knows I can watch a film and name at least three other films any given actor has starred in. My interests including being a live action version of 5 Degrees of Kevin Bacon. I spend most of my days studying IMDb as if I’m paid to do it. And my top three dream jobs would be working for IMDb, Marvel or Focus Features. (I check Focus Features once a month for job openings, internships or a position to water the official Focus Features plant)

I think I’ve proven my love for the business of filmmaking. It might be something I should look into. No matter of this AP American Gov’t nonsense. I need to invest my time into what really matters in life: stalking celebrities and movie release dates. 

That is what life is all about., amirite?

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