The best things in life are $5

“You’re officially addicted to thrift shopping.” The words of my concerned aunt who has been privy to my frequent thrifter miles. The sentiment is both true figuratively and literally speaking. I haven’t signed up for an AA-style group yet. Thrifters Anonymous anyone?

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Dating Success vs Work Success

Earlier today I was chatting up my grandmother (this isn’t something I typically do but is something I typically feel guilty about. I am no better than you when it comes to calling my grandmother) having one of our catch-ups. She told me what was going on in her life and I filled her in on what I’ve been doing lately. For example: running two blogs, editing videos for my new YouTube channel and securing a new contributing writer opportunity here at Collective Lifestyle. While I was jabbering away about how excited I was to finally be engaged in activities that brought me pure and total joy, I noticed that the phone got very quiet. Dead almost.

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Celebs as Poster Children for Social Justice

At the end of 2014, Sony was hit with an anonymous hack bomb. Many great things came out of the  email hack including detailed accounts of gender inequality. Hackers exposed the dirty laundry of Hollywood movie execs and just how well or not so well they treat talent. We learned that Hollywood is just as screwed up as, if not more than, the rest of us. A tale as old as time men get paid more than women even when those women are doing just as much work as the men.

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