The best things in life are $5

“You’re officially addicted to thrift shopping.” The words of my concerned aunt who has been privy to my frequent thrifter miles. The sentiment is both true figuratively and literally speaking. I haven’t signed up for an AA-style group yet. Thrifters Anonymous anyone?

The best things in life are $5. Especially when all you’ve got to spend is in fact,$5. Okay so I spent more than that but I could have easily found the 8th wonder of the world of an outfit for $15. Believe me. L Train Vintage, as you all know, has a slew of thrift shops across the city– six to be exact. I’ve almost hit them all.

My most recent excursion took me to 1st Avenue where No Relation Vintage is housed. And I found some gems. Like this silk scarf and red wrap around skirt.



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