#SomeLikeItThrift: Scary Spice

I’m the kind of millennial that loves to try trendy events around the city. I’ve signed up for MeetUp, pulsd.com, Groupon and Free NYC Events all to be in the loop of the next cool thing to do in this colorful city. There’s this awesome bar called Videology in Williamsburg that hosts movie trivia and sing-alongs. I was lucky enough to get tickets to their Spice World sing-along. And being me I just had to get into character…


When I do something I go all out. Costume, makeup and props. I give it my all. For Videology’s Spice World sing-along I decided to go as Scary Spice. Seeing as it was out of Halloween season, I knew the best way to pick up a scary spice look was by venturing out to a thrift shop.

When I go thrift shopping I try and keep an open mind. This time I was on a mission to find something to make the platform-wearing Mel B proud. I wasn’t sure I would find a suitable ensemble but boy, was I wrong.


IMG_4229I picked up the top for $6 and the $9 leopard print pants and cheetah print shoes from the newly opened Goodwill in Union Square.

My friend Shannon (who does a lot of graphics you see on my website and social media) joined me that night as my Scary Spice twin. We had such a blast belting out the lyrics like pros.




If you wanna be my lover, you gotta get with my friends


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