Favorites of the Week 001

Hello, beautiful people. It’s JasmineSkyy here bringing you my Favorite Things of the Week (#FOTW) 5/30/16-6/5/16. At the end of a week I’ll share my favorites of the previous week.

First things first… Favorite song.

 Favorite Song: Bryson Tiller – Exchange

                                    Pretty sure this is on everyone’s favorite list, as of late. There’s just something about Tiller’s TrapSoul that resonates with this generation. I’m kind of a close minded jock when it comes to rappers pouring our their hearts and soul in their music. I shouldn’t ever complain about that considering the alternative is some variation of Nelly’s Tip Drill. TrapSoul dropped back in October but Tiller just released the video for Exchange a few days ago so that may explain why the song is newly on everyone’s mind.


Favorite App: Steps

                                   In an effort to improve my overall health and wellness I have decided to make healthier choices. The easiest and smallest step you can make towards health is a literal step. (I’m corny bare with me.) Steps is this cute and nifty app that keeps a record of the steps you’ve taken in the day. You can set your goal, track your calories, distance and time.  Now I’m not too sure how accurate this is as I’m not an engineer or app developer but I’m super hyped when I see that number climb. And even if it isn’t 1000% accurate it’s still awesome to see what days I made the extra effort and what days I decided couch potato was the lifestyle for me.

Favorite Movie(s): Palm Trees in the Snow

                                   This week I had a really hard time just choosing one movie because I actually had some spare time on my hands to check out some foreign language and indie films. Palm Trees in the Snow (Palmeras en la Nieve) is a Spanish epic romantic drama directed by Fernando Gonzalez Molina, is the tale of Spanish Guinea, presently known as Ecutatorial Guinea, located in Central Africa a colony of Spain. A young woman finds letters written by her uncle to a stranger in the far away land. Enslaved by the Spanish  colonists and forced to work the cocoa fields the natives deal with friendship, love and loss at the hands of the white man. In the midst of all the chaos romance blossoms between Basila and Killian who find their love tested by tradition, duty and evil practices. This film has subtitles and can be found on Netflix. Watch, if you liked: Love in the Time of Cholera, Romeo and Juliet

Favorite Dish: Burrito

I can’t recall the first time I had a burrito and that makes me sad. Burritos have had such an impact on life that I don’t know what my life was like before them. You know what’s the best part about burritos besides the extra  sour cream? The fact a burrito is an all encompassing meal. It’s got rice, it’s got beans, it’s got meat–  what else does a full meal consist of? It satisfies my every craving. Then there’s the salsa and the spices that come together to create a party in my mouth. I’m salivating just thinking about it.



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