cropped-img_1361.jpgHi! I’m JasmineSkyy but you can call me Jasmine. I love exclamation points, thrift shopping, Clueless and Chipotle.

Welcome to my blog!!

I started blogging as a way to share my thoughts on social issues and other things I care about. With this site I hope to have concrete proof of my writing ability and the various projects I’ve taken on.

I’m pretty honest on my blog about my life and dating experiences in New York. Like here.

nicknames/people call me: jas, jassi-kins, jskyy

top five six favorite apps: instagram, pinterest, netflix, facetune, kindle and squarefx

pet peeves: lateness, unanswered texts, interrogations lol

celebrity crushes: michael fassbender, idris elba, benedict cumberbatch

guilty pleasures: the kardashians, cold stone creamery’s birthday cake remix

favorite movies: american psycho, fight club, clueless, mean girls and pride and prejudice

travel goals: grand canyon, australia, haiti, brazil and germany


If you wish to contact me please email me at jsforcer@outlook.com

twitter: jasmineforcer

instagram: somelikeitthrift

facebook: Some Like It Thrift