Crazy in Love

Three years ago I was coaching a good friend of mine, Lindsey* through one of the toughest breakups of her life. I was there as she cried, cursed, screamed and behaved childishly and never once did I judge her. I stayed on the phone with her for hours listening to her repeat the same story over and over again and always coming to the same conclusion: she had to let him go.

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How Meryl Streep Helped Me Discover My Life’s Calling 

The other day, during an especially hot summer evening I found myself taking an exam for my AP American Government class which is all about court cases and such. And for the life of me I couldn’t remember what Plessy v Ferguson was about. I’ve obviously heard of the case before but the specifics had escaped me and I couldn’t bring my brain to try.

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The Mysterious Case of the Wandering 20something

Too many times in my life I’ve been accused of being lost and wandering aimlessly, be that professionally, romantically or spiritually and quite frankly I don’t appreciate that sentiment. So what if I don’t exactly know who I want to be just yet. I’m young and I’m allowed to take the time out to decide if something is for me or not for me. I should be able to do that without the pressures of others telling me to make a decision right now. Granted I’m 24 years old and should probably have my life figured out by now but I’m sorry I just don’t.
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