Jane the Virgin review

The CW Mondays at 8pm/7c

Starring: Gina Rodriguez, Justin Baldoni, Andrea Navedo, Yael Grobglas

Jane the Virgin is more of a dramedy in the traditional sense combining elements of American sitcom shenanigans and telenovela intrigue. Gina Rodriguez is like cupcakes on your birthday. She’s the modern day Hispanic woman: witty, poised and down-right loveable. She’s a total girl’s girl who stands true to her convictions no matter the situation. Jane the Virgin plays on the novelty of old school comedies when Jane gets accidentally artificially inseminated.

janethevirgin2tvAs the titular protagonist, Gina Rodriguez shines on screen by commanding your love and cupcake-fetish. She effortlessly juggles the airy feeling of falling deeply in love with her hot boss, played by Josh Baldoni, as well as figuring out the logistics of forming a relationship with her newly discovered father. Jane the Virgin also stars Jaime Camil as Rogelio de la Vega, Jane’s father the famed telenovela star.

The show only gets three stars from me because while the writers do a great job with Jane then completely drop the ball when it comes to portraying jilted ex-wife of Jane’s baby-daddy Petra. Come on! Give me a win with Petra. I think she’s served her time.

(This article was originally published on The Feed on February 20,2015)


The Mindy Project review

Fox Tuesdays at 9pm/8c

Starring: Mindy Kaling, Chris Messina, Ike Barinholtz, Ed Weeks

Part of Fox’s girl-power comedic line-up, The Mindy Project shares air space with fellow funny girl series New Girl starring Zooey Deschanel. Headlined by Mindy Kaling of The Office fame, The Mindy Project follows gynecologist Dr. Mindy Lahiri as she searches for true love in a city famous for one-night stands. Hilarity ensues when Mindy tries to mirror the rom com great Meg Ryan in You’ve Got Mail.

themindyprojectThis may be the first time in the history of television when there has been a TV show created by, starring, produced and written by an Indian-American woman. And what better choice than Mindy Kaling, who is like the Indian Lena Dunham.

It’s so awesome to watch a show where the not so typical girl next door gets to date and frolic with the super hot Tom Cruise circa-’83, fellow gyno, Dr. Castellano. (Mmm-hmm Chris Messina, I see you boo. Dr. McDreamy who?) Mindy proves that girls with wit and personality could totally laugh her way into the hearts of any cute Danny Zuko-wannabe.

(This article was originally published on The Feed on February 19, 2015)

Fresh off The Boat review

Fresh off the Boat was inspired by the life of chef and food personality Eddie Huang and his book: Fresh Off the Boat: A Memoir, which chronicles his life growing up in a Chinese American family. The last time we saw an Asian American sitcom on network television was Margaret Cho’s All American Girl. Like many coming of age, first generation American stories, FOTB gives you the funny while also touching your heart.

294843Eddie, played by the incredibly cute Hudson Yang, is a hip-hop loving little Chinese boy with big American dreams whose narrative shapes the entire show. Eddie’s father moves the family from their comfortable dwelling in China-town, Washington DC to Orlando, FL to fulfill his American dream of owning his own business, despite his wife’s issues with the humid weather ruining her hair.

The first episode tackles American vs Chinese food, when Eddie goes to school and gets made fun of for bringing “stank Chinese food” for lunch. After, being condemned to eat behind the gym with the janitor who flies a kite (true story), Eddie begs his mom to get him “white people food”, which ultimately means lunchables.

The show is refreshing because it gives the Chinese-American take on a familiar storyline. It has just begun its run on ABC, premiering between Modern Family and The Middle. It has stiff competition and needs to work on stepping the comedic game up.

(This article was originally published on The Feed  on February 18, 2015)

On ‘Light Girls’


Last night, I watched ‘Light Girls’ on the Oprah Winfrey Network, a documentary about the experiences of women of a fairer complexion. “Light brights”, “high yellow” or “redbones”, just to list some of the names given to light skinned women of the black community. Now just to have a disclaimer of which I feel is ridiculously unnecessary: I do not identify as light skinned.

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Black-ish Review

ABC Wednesdays at 9:30pm/8:30c

Starring: Anthony Anderson, Laurence Fishburne, Tracee Ellis Ross

Black-ish stars comedy king Anthony Anderson and Morpheus himself Laurence Fishburne who combine forces to bring this fresh new take on the black sitcom. It’s as funny as it is insightful, sparking laughs and debate on such issues as whether or not to spank your child to finding common ground with your mother-in-law. Black-ish gives me hope for the black sitcom because it is family oriented and laugh out loud funny. Sure it’s a tad cliché at times but what sitcom isn’t in the beginning.

blackish2With time Anderson and Fishburne will be able to really show us what they got as far as their comedic chops is concerned. My only fear for Black-ish is that it’s predictable conservative borderline liberal antics (ie: the joke about stretching and yoga being “gay”) might get it prematurely axed before it’s had the chance to delve into issues that modern day black American families face.

I’m glad to see Tracee Ellis Ross, daughter of the incomparable Diana Ross and star of the black girl’s answer to Sex and the City: The CW’s Girlfriends, getting work after Let’s Stay Together failed to grasp the attention of a BET audience. Ross is talented in her ability to fearlessly go toe to toe with Anderson while delivering that BFF charm that made her so relatable on Girlfriends. I’m concerned with the timeslot Black-ish currently holds, 9:30 on a weekday seems a little late for a family sitcom.

(This article was originally published on The Feed on February 16, 2015)

50 Shades of Shame

I got 99 problems but Grey ain’t one. Or is he? 50 Shades of Grey. You read the book. You liked the book. You liked the book so much you probably read it twice. It’s your precious little secret. You’re the one on the 8:15am Manhattan- bound E train, cradling your kindle close to your chest, where only your eyes can see what’s happening on those electronic pages.

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Iggy Azalea is America’s New Barbie

It seems the controversy surrounding Iggy Azalea and her rap flow isn’t going to go away any time soon. The media won’t shut up about it and apparently, neither will Iggy. Are we all over it yet? I guess not, judging by the amount of times every hip hop magazine has recycled the same story over and over again. Granted, it hasn’t been that long since Eve and Jill Scott called Iggy out on using a ‘blaccent’. They also called Azalea ‘unoriginal’, which is a pretty ridiculous assessment in this day and age.

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