How to: Create an Amazing Instagram Feed for Your Brand

In this series, I would like to explore the topic of branding with a focus on aesthetics. I will be exploring how your brand is affected by the fonts, colors, photos and even the captions you choose for your social media platforms. I’ll tell you what works and what doesn’t as well as give you tips on how to have a more uniform look across all your platforms.


Visitors should be able to come to your blog, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook page and be able to tell right off the bat that these all come from the same brand. Your Facebook shouldn’t have a style aesthetic that is contrary to the photos you post on Instagram. All of your brand’s social media platforms should share the same look and feel.


As a fashion blogger and YouTuber, Instagram is by far my favorite social platform. Instagram allows me to express myself as a fashion lover through photos I attentively choose, keeping my brand and audience in mind. When visitors check out my Instagram they get a glimpse into what my blog is all about and who I am as a blogger. Instagram is just as important as your blog itself, you could even call it the appetizer. But Instagram is even more important than the appetizer, it’s almost like the potatoes to your steak or the peas to your rice, pay special attention to what and how you post on Instagram.


I spent more time than I should on Instagram, so I come across a number of bloggers and brands on there. What I find more often than not is that a lot of people have no idea what they are doing on this site. For example, if I go to the explore page and find a dope shot of a blogger posing in her latest OOTD(outfit of the day) I get so excited I’ll want to check out her Instagram. Sometimes I’m disappointed to find that bloggers and brands don’t take Instagram as seriously as they should. I’ll find quote graphics with watermarks and colors that are loud and clash with the other pictures on their page or I’ll find images that seem as if they weren’t even posted by the same person.


I find that bloggers and brands forget that Instagram has the option to view any profile in both new feed format and thumbnail format. Anyone can come to your Instagram profile and click each picture of scroll down your feed. Consider how your Instagram looks in both formats. Make your profile as aesthetically pleasing as you would your blog or website. If you neglect to do so you could lose potential followers. I noticed once I started paying attention to how my Instagram looked in thumbnail and news feed form that my follower count and likes began to grow.


Don’t just throw up any old photo you took that day. Take the time  out to edit and choose what works best for your profile and brand.


  1. Backgrounds can make or break an image. Choose cool backgrounds like street art and rich, vibrant landscapes. Make the pictures interesting. Sure you’ve got an amazing product to showcase but remember that a picture is a complete tool featuring a dozen different elements. Don’t be afraid to do your research concerning photography.
  2. Quotes for folks. Put quotes in the captions that support your voice as a brand. Or ask your followers a question to encourage engagement. We want comments converted into followers. Engage your audience so they are enticed to stick around for some of your other content.
  3. Cool it on the hashtags #bro! Save the hashtags for the comment section of your post as opposed to putting it immediately in the captions of your photos. That way everything remains uncluttered.
  4. Quality over quantity. Choose high quality, crisp bright photos only. It’s a proven fact that HQ, sharp photographs get the most likes on Instagram so make sure you invest in the quality of your photos.
  5. Edit like a champ! Use editing apps such as Facetune, Piclab or Photoshop to correct any imperfections. So you’ve found a photographer, got a great camera but still your pictures are missing something. That’s okay! You can also edit those minor discrepancies but don’t go overboard. Social media users love authenticity and can spot a fake from a mile away.


Remember, Instagram and other social media platforms are some of the first impressions potential clients get of your brand; make the most of it! Don’t hesitate to let your creative team flex their skills.


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I’m Completely Addicted to OITNB now…

I made the mistake of starting Orange is the New Black in the middle of wrapping up my summer semester. BIG big mistake. I’m addicted. It has completely sidetracked me as I managed to watch 8 episodes before I finally cut myself off. Last week, I challenged myself to set and complete a short list of goals. I was to blog twice on Some Like It Thrift, blog once here, learn origami and hang out with my friends. I ended up completely all except the origami one. Needless to say, origami is officially coming off being that this is the millionth time I’ve set this particular goal.

Despite the fact that I failed to learn the art of paper folding, I did accomplish a few things I hadn’t out on my list. I submitted two articles to two different websites. This isn’t like me at all because usually fear takes over me and I hold myself back. I hold myself back because I’m afraid of rejection or failing in general. I usually have no idea what I’m doing because I don’t want to go down a path that may lead nowhere so I just sort of circle around with no real direction. But not this past week! This past week I actually stepped outside of my comfort zone and sought out some opportunities that would push me towards my goals. It’s new and exciting territory for me.

I’ll make a post once the two articles I submitted get approved or not.

Let’s see how it all goes.

Setting Goals and Sticking to Them!

Happy Monday! Goal setting is a big trend amongst bloggers, I’ve decided to hop onto the bandwagon. My goals will include my aspirations for this blog as well as my life outside of blogging. Here are some of the goals I’ve set for myself for the week of 8/10:

  1. Blog on this site at least once a week. Here’s hoping I find inspiration weekly. I find that personal blogging can become redundant. I also fear becoming one of those female bloggers that constantly blogs about her feelings or a relationship. Not that there is anything wrong with blogging about relationships but it wouldn’t be a challenge for me and it has the possibility of becoming stale.
  2. Blog on Some Like It Thrift twice a week. Consistent fresh content in blogging, especially style blogging, is imperative. This goal might be a tad bit tricky this week as
  3. Teach myself origami. This has been a goal of mine for some time now. Now is as good a time as any to tackle it. It should be noted that this goal was on my list last week and I failed to accomplish it. Considering YouTube is just a few clicks away, I should have no problem with this one. Should being the operative word. Check in next week to see if I’ve kept my word or not.
  4. Have lunch with my girlfriends. If you’ve read my post on ‘How to Date Yourself‘ you’ll recognize this goal. Meeting up with your girlfriends at least once a week is important if you’re single or in a relationship. Our friends give us something that our boyfriends simply can’t. We can truly be ourselves around our honorary sisters. I encourage all young women to make and maintain solid female friendships!

I’m keeping my goal list short this week so as not to over do it. The shorter the list, the more likely I am to achieve the goals I set. As time goes on I will set more goals for myself. Till next time, JasmineSkyy \